Sunday, August 29, 2010

We Survived!

I don't know what it is about having a few drinks that makes me want to blog?

Aaron and I survived the bush! I am happy to say we had a good time camping, but I called it a day short due to our lack of warm clothes and a leaking air mattress. I put him in fleece pajamas under his sweat pants and long sleeve shirt and afghan blanky. Initially, I put him to sleep in his pack n' play but he didn't go for it we we ended up together on a double air mattress.

He did well, the area was so remote I didn't have to worry about him being hit by cars! Only stepping off an embankment down to the lake, being eaten by a bear and burning himself on cooking equipment. Three out of four worries not bad! He had fun playing with his cousins, wandering around seeing new sites. He isn't even afraid of chainsaws!

The best part was when we were leaving camp today, I noticed cows and horses a long a gravel road not penned in. I stopped to take a few pictures and the next thing I knew, my car was surrounded by horses! I took many pics and decided to feed one horse a peach. They were right up in my face! I felt guilty for all the other horses not feeding them so I thought I would feed a few some apples; I bought a 6 lb bag. So when I went to give a horse his apple, be dropped a peach pit in my hand! It was the same horse! Greedy thing he was. I have pictures, and will post this tomorrow.

I am back from a night out at local watering hole with a friend. One must take advantage of free baby sitting when they can.

I don't think I got the memo re: bleach blond hair. ... It seems that in order to frequent to locale watering hole must one alter her appearance to those indigenous to Southern California. *sigh* At least I got the hairstyle right.


SciFi Dad said...

Sounds like a fun (if cold) time.

I could never camp (as I think I've said before).

Siera said...

We had a blast! Don't knock something till you try it... You can get pretty high tech and go luxury camping in an RV for starters.