Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Hunt Continues...

So, from last nights post I will elaborate. A pencil skirt is this:

I have been out of the business world for a few years now. While I have some great "timeless" pieces as in a good black skirt, and black pants. The pencil skirt is definately in.

I would like to update my wardrobe a bit for interviews and should I actually land a job. I am not one to go shopping everytime I feel the urge to and I discuss such purchases with Eric. I've been looking for the right skirt for a long time. I thought I had found it, until I wore it.

I am not one to spend a lot of money on one item. I like a bang for my buck and like sales. I like to shop at Ricki's as their clothes are trendy yet inexpensive. I think I am going to have to shell out for than $40 for said skirt. I am going to have to start looking at places like The Bay, Jacob and R&W Co.

I also need to buy a new set of black pumps, as the ones I've had for the last six years aren't going to cut it. So far these are the contenders.

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