Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Know This Much is True

*The explanation of the pics will come mid post.*

I ain't as hip as I thought I was. I was unaware that there was a Lady Gaga concert in Vancouver last night. When a friend and I hopped on the Canada Line after a night out on the town, I was wondering WTF was wrong with youth today when I saw 2 girls in sequined bras with hair rollers in their hair. Then it all made sense. A busy skytrain on a Monday night, people dressed oddly to the nines, only a concert could bring out such weirdos. (Or Lady Gaga fans.)

I like her music, but not enough to attend a concert. Who am I kidding to think I am down with the times? I'll take my country music over Gaga any day. The next concert I hope to attend is a Travis Tritt concert in September.

Down with the times I may not be, but I still think I have a keen fashion sense. I may choose comfort over fashion, but I know a fashion faux pas when I see one and this clearly is.

The pictures of the side of my arm, and a guys lower torso is a bad example of fashion. The dude with the rolled up cuffs on his jeans is wearing manpris! This shouldn't be! When I saw this last night at a college bar my friend and I ended up at, we slyly pretended to be taking pictures of each other and aimed the camera at the dude in the manpris! So not cool.

I met with the IP's Mike and Liz a few days back. We had coffee and it went well. So far, so good. She has an appointment with a clinic over here and once she gets in we'll see where things will go. I don't really have a lot to say. They seem nice, she was diagnosed with age related infertility. From meeting with them, I gathered that she's done all the fertility research and hubs is just a long for the ride. He didn't really have much of an idea what was going on in IVF land. She explained the monitoring process to me more in detail since she's been through IVF a few times.

Their plan, should we proceed and I produce good eggs is to have 2 more children. I forget how many embryos they plan on transferring. So if all goes well I hope she gets a baby or 2 out of it. Were on a first name basis, with anonymous emails. So neither one of us knows where the other live exactly... It's kind of weird and I don't know how I feel exactly, but I feel better eliminating the unknown.

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