Sunday, August 1, 2010

Not feeling it

I haven't been feeling the blog this week. In fact, I haven't been feeling a lot of blogs. Which is very strange for me being an avid blog reader since 2005... I had my dad staying with us for over a week and then the next day I had another friend stay with us so I just haven't been feeling it...

I'm also fighting a summer cold mixed in with allergies another reason I am not in the mood.

We had a great day as a family today. We took Aaron to a truck show at a miniature railway museum in Saanich and he had blast touching all the rims on the big rigs. He got to bounce in the bouncy castle, go for a tractor ride and a train ride. We came home and he crashed and we vegged around the house until we went downtown for the Symphony Splash fireworks in the Victoria Inner Harbour.

These were Aaron's first fireworks and he loved them. I was disappointed that they only last between 2-5 minutes (I shit you not.) Canada isn't known for its great fireworks IMO but my god, this is a long weekend, we have rich tourists on their yachts could you at least make them go for 10 minutes? I was spoiled growing up with the Symphony of Fire in Vancouver now known as the Celebration of Lights. Seriously the best fireworks I have ever seen. Eric disagrees (he hasn't seen them) and thinks the 4Th of July fireworks in Pearl Harbor are they best.

If you want to get a taste of Festival of Lights watch this video, it's only 2 min long.

I may be working soon and have been looking for quality child care for Aaron. I've been busy.

I found a new blogger and am going to take place in her 31 Days of Fun for August. Feel free to jump on the old band wagon if you wanna.

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