Friday, August 13, 2010

Parenting and stuff

Aaron and I took an impromptu trip to the beach (ocean) today. We only stayed an hour or so we waded, and walked along the shoreline until the sea weed got to gross headed back to our towels had lunch and headed home.

It was a pleasant trip and I made small talk with a grandma while we ate lunch. We observed a little boy about six-years-old and his two-year-old bother playing. Or more so the 6 YO screaming at his 2 YO brother “BILLY STOP BEING ANOYING!” Their grandma came over to see what the fuss was. 6 YO boy demands that his grandma take his brother away so he can play without being bothered.

Both the lady and I were appalled by this little boy’s behavior. What makes it worse was that the grandma took the 2YO away after telling 6 YO that he hurt his bothers feelings. The poor thing was in tears.

We had a great conversation on parenting and she reflected on both her daughters parenting styles and how one set of grand kids rules the roost while the others are good (as can be) kids.

It all comes down to parenting. I can be pretty lose with the rules. But I am trying my best to be consistent and lay down the law. One thing I know, I would never tolerate Aaron speaking to me the way that little boy spoke to his grandma. If Aaron ever did, I guarantee you he wouldn’t for a long time following that.

One thing I’ve been that I’ve been hearing that is if you let your kids walk all over you and certain behaviors get out of hand it only gets worse the older they get.

Dinner time is a big thing with us right now. Aaron will not eat at the table, he gets up and plays and tries to play musical laps. It is very annoying. The last few nights I’ve given him the option to sit and eat at the table at dinner or he can stay in his crib. He actually walked to his crib and took my hand and pulled me towards it to put him in.

I do not force him to eat but I expect him sit with the family for the meal.

We also deal with a lot of tantrums as Aaron can’t verbalize his thoughts and feelings as he doesn’t yet have the words too. If he wants something he shakes his wrists at me and says “uh.” I am working on him saying please if he wants something and I don’t give it to him until he says it or attempts it.

Being a parent is tough work. I wish I had a way or trick to use to get him to eat dinner at the table.

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S.I.F. said...

I definitely think that parenting is incredibly important when it comes to how children behave; and I think knowing that and wanting to be a good parent who instills good values is half the battle! ;)