Friday, March 27, 2009

The Boy

At this very moment I should be on plane to Vegas. Instead I am siting at home with a kitchen and bathroom waiting to be cleaned. I made the decision to not go to Vegas 6 weeks ago based on a rough night my dad had with The Boy. I felt that he wasn't quite ready for me to eave him for 4 nights. I went back and forth over my decision and in the end I know I made the right one. My baby has been sick this week. He had a fever 39.5 C the other night and I still don't know why. Had I booked my ticket I wouldn't have been going. I wouldn't have felt right leaving him.

I still do not know why he he had such a high fever. I took him to the walk-in cinic last night and the doctor said that fevers that high generally are not from teething but usually an ear infection, which Aaron doesn't have. He though that maybe Aaron may have Baby Measles and if he does he should be getting a rash today which so far he hasn't. I am really curious as to what caused his fever. His immunizations are up to date. Maybe it will remain a mystery. He hardly ate or drank anything at all yesterday. He only nursed. He did have some toast and a bottle before bed which means he is back on track. He was up 2 times to feed last night. Which is good he went ot bed at 830pm and got up at 830am.

Eric and I are leaving him for a night with my dad but we will be in the city within 20 minutes of home if Aaron needs me.

In other Aaron news, the public health nurse stopped by yesterday and dropped off a questionnaire for us to fill out. Some of the stuff we need to try with him. Some of the stuff he does. Some he doesn't I think I was right to be a little concerned. In the communication section out of the 6 questions he only does one. There are three possible answers; yes, sometimes and not yet. He scored yes to one and not yet to 5. He does almost everything in the fine motor skills and problem solving sections. He will find something if you hide it under a blanket, and will drop toys into a box. He doesn't point at things, he doesn't have any other words for objects like "baba" for bottle or something for the cat. I am concerned about this. I have been trying to tech him "kitty" or some form of it for months. He also won't let us hold his hands and walk he buckles his legs yet he walks along furniture fine. I am going to try some of this stuff with him over the next few days as he gets better. He seems interested in trying to scribble on a piece of paper when I do it. But he can get distracted so easily.

He doesn't watch a lot of TV. I don't have it on often during the day and if I do its more background noise. I did throw it on Treehouse the other day and I think Sesame Street or something like that was on it had Elmo something or another and did that ever have his attention. Elmo was talking all about bananas and he liked that. Maybe I should let him watch that 10-15 min segment every few days. He also seems to like to TV listings channel. As it will often get put on and we end up leaving it on. I think for the time being, I am going to work on "na na" for banana as he eats them almost daily.

Well I must be off. I have cleaning that must be done.

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