Monday, July 19, 2010

Advil Cold & Sinus I Love Thee

I feel like ass tonight. I went to the walk-in clinic tonight as my right ear still hurts. I though my swimmers ear hadn’t cleared up. Turns out it has. My ear hurting is due to my sinus/head cold allergies. The doctor asked me what I was taking. I told him:

-Advil Cold & Sinus

He said I should steam.

I told him I already do, and that I irrigate with salt water.

He offered me a corticoid nasal spray.

I told him I have Nasonex.

He suggested that I see a specialist.

I told him that I’ve seen an allergist, was told that I do not have seasonal allergies and was diagnosed with chronic sinutis/rhinitis.

I also told him I’ve seen an ENT and inquired about surgery on my sinuses, to which I was told the surgery would only last a few months to two years at the most. The ENT (Ear, nose and throat specialist) pretty much declined me.

I saw a naturopath. I was told I had a dairy allergy which causes my sinus issues. I think I stumped the walk-in clinic doctor.

I did go home and steam and irrigate. And took some Nasonex. I didn’t do much> I need my Advil Cold & Sinus, but being so late in the evening and it being a non-drowsy drug, I have to suffer. At least I am not hacking up phlegm anymore.

My sinuses can be so bad that they render me useless. Ah it sucks to be me.


I took Aaron with me to drop the forms off at the fertility clinic. The nurse/receptionist was enamored with him. I said she could tell the IP’s how cute he is, as I won’t be giving them one of his baby pics, (of this I am almost certain) only some of mine.

2 days till I get probed. And have my consult. I get to see what kind of reserve I have (egg wise). I feel like a dam.


I applied for a job that I really want. It’s a corporate sales job with my former employer. I’ve got the inside goods, my resume and cover letter were stellar. I hope they call me for an interview. Wish me luck.

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S.I.F. said...

Your allergies sound awful! I have to admit that I have always been really lucky in that department... I hope you get to feeling better soon!