Friday, July 23, 2010

A Post Brought to you Courtesy of The # 2

The number of times I walked by my dad's car yesterday;


He is visiting and is nice enough to let me use his car. Every time I go out, and come back to it I am looking for our car.

Number of times I missed nearly getting crapped on by seagulls;

Walking around downtown Victoria requires an umbrella.

Number of times I walked away;


I took Aaron downtown last night to take in the sights and pretend to be tourists. A favourite pastime of Eric's and mine. I went to get a single scoop of gelato (sorbet) and one single bulk candy for Aaron and it rang into $7.90.

Yeah, I don't think so. Apparently there is a 2 scoop minimum. Screw that. Who can justify $8 (Thank you HST!) for ice cream???

Two gelato places on the same street. Yeah, they're probably owned by the same company.

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