Thursday, July 15, 2010

Egg Donor Disclosure

I picked up my forms from the fertility clinic yesterday and have to complete them and drop them off before my initial appointment next week.

These are some of the questions I have to answer.

1. Are you comfortable with the intended parents (IPs) having access to your medical history ?


2. Are you comfortable with the IPs knowing your name(s)


3. Would you like to know the names of the Intended parents


4. Would you like to know the outcome of this cycle ( i.e. if successful pregnancy occurred )


5. Would you be agreeable to any children resulting from this cycle, once they reach age 18 years, being given access to your identity ?


Would you be agreeable to being contacted by the IPs in the case of a medical emergency. e.g. if the child required a bone marrow transplant !

-In a heart beat!!

Question 5 really has me wavering. My initial response was to say no. I do not want any children resulting in this cycle knowing my name. What if said child(ren) wants to forge a relationship with me or shows up at my door out of the blue? This isn't something I want to deal with in the future. But then again I believe everyone has a right to know about their history.

Another thing I wonder about is if I want to know the IP's names or not. I may say no now, but then part of me might wonder and it might eat at me every time I see a pregnant woman or a new mom and baby. Victoria is too damn small for my liking. I wish I could donate in a bigger city or part of the country so the likelihood of running into any future offspring is almost impossible.

***TMI warning for men.***

I have my appointment next week. For the first time ever I will be probed down there. I will be getting a vagisound. And I do most things with a bang the first time, as I will be on my period next week it will be a blast for sure. I told the clinic this and they said it wasn't an issue. The whole probing thing doesn't bug me I just find ironic for what time of the month my initial appointment was set for.

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athena said...

very difficult decisions.. you're doing great so far! but yeah.. that one is a struggle! the clinic we went to was totally anonymous.. and i wasn't sure how i felt about that. it's so emotionally complicated.
oh and the internal ultrasound.. no biggie, i've had about twenty thousand! good luck! :)