Friday, July 9, 2010

It's a Go

On both pages. I emailed to the doctor at the clinic about egg donation and tattoos/piercings. He says that my getting a tattoo won't hinder my chances at egg donation as long as I go to a licensed placed. (duh!)

A friend and I went down to the shop where I am getting my tattoos done and I spoke with the artist. I am beyond stoked and 100% sure about her abilities. I can't wait until Monday!

I've been enjoy my time at my dad's. I've been spending time with friends and relaxing.

Today I am going to hot yoga in a hour and then maybe going to the beach with my dad after he's off of work.

Tomorrow I am going out to celebrate some friends birthdays. Were going to the gay bar again. I don't intend to get drunk, I want to enjoy my Sunday, most likely at the beach. It is hotter than hell here. Well for the west coast at least. Were in the middle of a heat wave and I am loving it.

I need to hope in the shower before I head to yoga. (I know it kinda defeats the purpose of sweating my brains out, but I feel gross.)


S.I.F. said...

I hate to dissuade you, but did you call the actual donor agency? I know when I donated I wasn't allowed to have had any tattoos or piercings in a year. At least at my agency, a recent tattoo would have disqualified me. Good luck lady!

Siera said...

I emailed the head doctor of the clinic. I've had a piercing recently which would put disqualify me down there. I asked him if I should wait to get my tattoos and he said he had no problem with it as long as I went to a licensed shop.

Egg donors aren't compensated beyond travel, accomadation, medical expenses and time missed from work in Canada as it is illegal up here to be paid for ED. so there is a real shortage of donors. I've seen ads on CL for couples looking for donors. I contacted one couple and they got their donor from Toronto, and they live out here.

This law came into effect in 2004 and donors dropped. I read an interesting article.

I guess up here law makers figure it is morally wrong.