Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yeah, So I Got Probed.

You knew it was coming. So I had the initial consult with the fertility clinic. It was mainly talking to the RE and IVF nurse about my history, family history and the process. They seem to be more concerned about the emotional implications that it may have on me and if I am up to it at this point in time given the instability of my relationship with Eric. So far I am okay with it. Things I need to do now.

-Blood work

- contact the shrink the get an psych evaluation

- Set up an anonymous email so that I may have contact with the IP's

It will most likely take place in September should everything go okay with the screening. I got a pap and some standard screening and a vagisound. I saw my right ovary. That's about it.

I got a tour of the clinic and saw the exam rooms, procedure room and recovery room.

Now I know in IVF land, the big thing seems to be socks. I got offered a pair of courtesy socks to wear during my exam. I declined, as it was super warm in the exam room. I am not one for socks anyways being summer. I can understand why one might want some knee high babies. As to not disappoint, I did take a picture of said socks.

They're certainly nothing to shake a stick at. I wonder why this isn't offered to me as a courtesy when i am getting my regular pap. I know we Canadians have universal health care. I am sure this wouldn't be much of an expense to offer these to the patients. It isn't as if we get to keep them. (According to the sign on the wall your to return them when done.)

I also wore sun dress, to make the exam process easier and less time consuming on my part. I highly recommend it.

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S.I.F. said...

I so remember that exam... it's a fun one! :)