Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day That Was Meant To Be Blogged About

Back in early September, I had real pickle of a day. I meant to blog about it but never got around to it.

I had recently ventured into the DIY below the belt waxing. I have had so many experiences with it, I figured it can't be that hard.

So I bought some wax, and started doing it myself. I was heading down to visit my grandpa with Aaron and I knew we would be swimming so I had some maintenance to do.

I had brought my wax with me to my dad's and went to heat it up. I heated it up in the microwave with the lid on because it was stuck. In the past when the lid was stuck it came off after I heated it up. So I heated it, and heated it. And heated it again.

There was no way in hell that bad boy was coming off.

So I did the next best thing. I called the spa up at the mall by my dad's and made an appointment.

Complete with Aaron.

The receptionist offered to watch him while I went to the waxing room but I declined. There was no way in hell he would be complacent with me being behind closed doors. So I wheeled the stroller in gave him a bottle and some toys and pointed him away from me.

He wasn't too thrilled about this, but allowed me to get my nether regions maintained without too much fuss.

When all was said and done I went to pay.

But I realized that my dad had my debit card.


I had given it to him the night before to pick up something for Aaron and had forgotten to get it back.

This was not good. I felt like an idiot as I explained that my dad had my debit card and I had no other means of payment and that I had to drive to his work to pick it up. Now his work isn't that far away, but I felt like a douche none the less.

I left the receptionist my drivers license as collateral and proceeded to run to the car. I got Aaron settled in his car seat and folded up the stroller and put it in my trunk. When I went to close my trunk it wouldn't close.


I tried to close my trunk over and over but to no avail, the bugger wasn't closing.


Here I am without my license and a trunk that won't close and needing to make a payment for services rendered.

You can imagine how flustered and anxious I was.

There was no way in hell I was driving down a highway to my dad's work with my trunk flapping open. That's just begging to get pulled over.

I needed something to tie it down, but I had nothing to do so with nor any money to buy something with I was in a predicament.

I then remembered that my dad had bungee cords. It's only a few blocks from the mall to his place. I wasn't concerned over driving a few blocks on city streets with my trunk flapping open.

I made it to my dad's with only one person telling me that my trunk was open.

When I got there, I couldn't find the bungee cord.


I called him in a panic and he told me they were outside with his bike rack. Duh.

So I tied down the trunk as best as I could with his bungee cord and proceeded to his work with with trunk still flapping, making a thunk every time I hit a bump praying I didn't get pulled over as I didn't have my license on me.

Being pulled over would've been the icing on the freaking cake. I was half expecting it.

I got my license and back to the mall to pay for my waxing without incident.

In the course of an hour, I couldn't get the lid off my wax, pay for my waxing, nor close my trunk.

I called a friend to relay my horrific morning to her and she said "Why didn't you soak the wax in hot water? That's what I do when can't get the lid off."


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S.I.F. said...

I can't even believe you would attempt a DIY below the belt wax! Ha! You are BRAVE woman!