Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am a Grown Up

I had another job interview the other day. This one with a reputable company with a legit position. The position I was interviewing for was 100% commission based. I have no problem with sales; I just can’t rely on them 100%. When I am working I need to know what I am going to making each pay check. This particular job is apparently requires 60 hour weeks to be successful and I have the potential to make six figures (according to the interviewer) within 5 years.

I don’t see myself being that mom who never sees her son. A good thing did come out of it that my resume will be put forward to someone who will need an admin assistant. I hope I get that job; I’d be a perfect admin assistant.

I think the difference is was I had the foresight to wear nylons. I haven’t worn nylons in years! I didn’t even own a pair until two days ago. I have a killer grey conservative office dress that I like to wear to interviews. I pair it with black stiletto heals. It looks very sharp if I do say so myself. I wore said dress to my last real interview and I don’t think I got that job. I also didn’t have nylons to wear. I was early for this interview so I popped into a drug store and bought some nylons on a whim. I think it completed to outfit. I got a compliment on the dress from an admin assistant.

I also printed off a resume and cover letter, just in case as I applied for this job on a job board and the formatting isn’t very clean. My interviewer discussed my results from a survey on my work skills at length and is described my work habits to a tee. He said he would pass my resume on, and I hope he does.

All because I wore nylons.

I think.

I am becoming a grown up.


SciFi Dad said...

Wait... what? What you wear to an interview matters?

Siera said...

Hod I hope your kidding.

S.I.F. said...

The perfect job will come lady! I promise!