Monday, November 8, 2010

Too Good To Be True?

Welcome to job search 2010. I've really stepped it up a notch in the job search. Yesterday, I sent out a bunch of resumes. Today I got a call.

Most employers do not call right away unless they are desperate. Or it's a scam. This prospective employer left a message as I missed the call. Upon listening to the message, I immediately googled the company's name. The first thing that popped up was "ABC Company scam." I searched that and read some message boards.

What was said in the message boards, was what the recruiter left in the message. This made me go hmmm. This job is a sales based job, not something I am keen on but I can handle it. It would be something to tied me over until I find a better position. At this point my goal is to pay for Aaron's daycare.

When I spoke to the recruiter, she asked all the phone appropriate questions for a phone interview. I was thinking she was legit when we set up an interview time.

She asked me to bring a copy of my resume with me. This normal protocol in the job interview process.

She also told me to wear business appropriate attire.

Seriously? I can't believe she said that.

We talked at length of my previous positions.

I've worked for the government.

I worked for Big Name Cell Phone company.

I didn't sleep with anyone to get any of these jobs.

I assume I got them based on my interview skills and not showing up in jeans and flip flops.

Did she really think I'd show up in non business attire clothing? Jeez.

I even knew to wear a collared shirt and black skirt for my first ever job interview at McDonald's when I was 15. And I got that job.

If something is to good to be true, than it probably is. But I am curious none the less.

If they ask me to give them my own money for training. I will get up and walk.


SciFi Dad said...

Here's the thing: if you google their name and all that comes up is "ABC company scam", and in NONE of those discussions is a dissenting voice saying,."It's not a scam, it's blah blah blah," then why waste your time and effort?

Siera said...

There were also hits to their website and one former EE stated he got the money he invested back. The feedback was out of AB nothing was said for BC, so I will go in hoping they have changed their ways. It might be one of these jobs I do for a few weeks until something better comes along.