Monday, November 29, 2010

No News is Good News Right?

It's been a day and then some. Throw in a toddler who wasn't allowed to have his nap due to a little schedule resetting and it was even more some.

Aaron wasn't bad or even tantruming much, in fact he was pretty well behaved for the most part and didn't fight bedtime at all tonight. Thanks to me skipping his nap. I don't get him. He goes a few weeks without napping, and then all of a sudden needs his naps again, and then he is fighting bedtime. I am curious to see if he will actually nap at daycare.

Still no word on the job front. I had a job interview on Friday for an admin assistant position. I should hear tomorrow or Wednesday if I got the job, but I am not holding my breath. I hate not having a job, and I am seriously thinking of applying at McDonald's until a real job comes along. I just can't get a break on the job front. There are too little jobs and too many applicants in this town. The guy who interviewed me for the admin assistant job told me that 100 names will come their way for every position. Wow! I am lucky that I was even interviewed. Fingers are crossed. But again, I am not holding my breath.

In an attempt to save $3.50 and to prove something tonight, I made homemade tortillas. They weren't all that difficult to make and they turned out well. Is it sad to say I prefer the store bought ones to homemade? They're much more convenient and taste better in my opinion.

I got an email from the doctor at the fertility clinic. We've exchanged a few emails. His first order of business is to meet with me again as the psychologist signed off on me not being a donor. I explained to him at length the circumstances about my going about being a donor anonymously versus known as I am going about it this time.

I mentioned to him my FSH results and he said that he was a little concerned about my ovarian volumes the last time he saw me but as I was on the pill they were suppressed. He also said if my FSH is elevated that it is a concern. Maybe google didn't fail me.

I never had a doctor give me my results. I got them from the receptionist at the walk-in clinic. (I had to get a new requisition form as I had gotten all my blood work done from the Vancouver Fertility clinic with the exception of my Day 3 FSH [Day 3 of my period, Follicle Stimulating Hormone count] and I lost the form the lab printed out.] The receptionist did asked the doctor's permission before she gave them, which isn't normal protocol but there was an old man who talked A LOT in front of me and I didn't want to wait to be told a number. In hindsight maybe I should’ve.

But I figured since I hadn't gotten a call from the Vancouver clinic, that I had nothing to worry about. I was just getting the results for Liz, who had asked. I placed a call to the Vancouver clinic and nurse called me two days later to which I told her I already had the results. I asked her if my number of 11.0 should be a concern and she said she didn't know the meanings and that if the Dr. hadn't called then I had nothing to worry about. I reiterated I was an egg donor, not a fertility patient and she told me that the protocol was the same, if the numbers were a concern I would've been contacted.

So I would think that no news is good news. As is usually is the case in the medical world.

Being a donor is complicated. I am glad that Mike and Liz switched the clinic here, as they really do take of their clients and don't wait two days to return calls.

Another way I got my results, were online. I registered then a few days later I got a PIN in the mail and I can now view all my lab results online. British Columbia and Ontario residents can do this. It's quite handy.

All of this has my head spinning. But this is why I went off the pill to these tests are run to make sure I'll be a good egg donor candidate.

Or not.

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S.I.F. said...

You have so much going on right now lady!! I'm thinking you're right with the fertility clinic though. No news is definitely good news!