Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today marked Remembrance Day (Veterans Day in the U.S.) in Canada. I don’t have to words to convey what I am feeling. It marks a day of remembrance for those who died fighting in wars so we could be free. Having a spouse in the military puts extra importance on this day to me.

In past years I never observed Remembrance Day outside of a ceremony performed at school. As a child, I remember the ceremonies that took place in my elementary school gym. We would all sit on the floor with our class as two children per class would bring up our class reefs with our individual poppies lay them on the make shift memorial.

Someone would recite In Flanders Field and we would observe a moment of silence. This is one holiday that really sticks out in my mind as a child. The black and white pictures that would be put up on display in my school from WW I and WW II still stay with me.

I don’t have any memories prior to elementary school regarding Remembrance Day. I want Aaron to carry the significance of this day from a young age. I took him to his first ever Remembrance Day ceremony today. The last one I attended was eight years ago as Eric was in parade for it. I don’t know why I stopped observing this holiday; I just never took the time to really remember.

I am lucky that Eric is with me and by my side. I am lucky he serves our country for my freedom. I am thankful that he is not over in Afghanistan and is here. This may not always be the case but it is today.

Both Eric’s grandpa and my grandpa served in the Army during WW II. WW II is what brought Eric’s grandparents together. His grandma was a war bride. My grandfather never made it overseas during the war but Eric’s grandpa did. I am thankful for both for fighting for us.

I hope the significance of this day doesn’t go unnoticed by Aaron. He is too young to know what November 11th signifies. If he remembers the Airplanes that flew by I’d be impressed. My boy has a love of planes.

Before going out today, we watched Memphis Bell. He actually, sat threw large segments of the movie. As long as there was an airplane in it, he was hooked.

I swear to God that boy is going to be a pilot or an airplane mechanic.


S.I.F. said...

Beautiful post lady!!

SciFi Dad said...

I think at this age (both my kids are very young, like yours), the general concept is more than enough. Kids this age barely understand the concept of quiet reflection, so trying to get them to appreciate something like that is almost impossible.

jenicini said...

TY for putting an importance on this day--so important! I too am married to a military man. :) You asked how I met Fairyeggs - she was one of my best friends from college! Love her to bits.