Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's been snowing on and off around these parts the last few days. I am not one to freak out over a little snow like the rest of my fellow Victorians and Vancouverites, but I will use it to my advantage and not go out in it if I don't have to! This is where the beauty of living among a bunch of pansy asses comes in handy. You see the slightest amount of snow and the city starts to freak out and shut down.

I know the rest of the country is making fun of us, and I normally do too., but I was able to keep Aaron out of daycare! He doesn't officially start until next week, but we've been doing gradual entry where I leave him for a few hours at a time and gradually increase the amount of time he is there. Since I don't yet a job lined up, I plan on picking him up at noon the first few days.

I am glad that we did keep him out. He slept in till 8:30am and went to bed just after 8pm last night. He doesn't normally nap any more. He still gets up at night once and a while. I've come to accept this. sometimes it's as little as him crying in his sleep to a bad dream. A back rub usually will fix it. With teething, it's guaranteed he'll wake up as soon as his medicine has worn off.

I am waiting for a little bit more snow to fall then I think I will bundle him and try to play in it. He doesn't like to wear his gloves, which can be a it of a problem. If he is in his stroller it isn't a problem but as soon as he wants to pick something up, off they come. It is something to be worked on.

I need to make myself a cup of coffee and clean up the kitchen before we head outside to play. Which could take awhile.


So I got my Day 3 FSH results yesterday. It was the last in a series of blood work that I needed for the old clinic in Vancouver.

I just picked them up at a walk-in clinic last night. I had lost a requisition form, and had to get another one so I got one from a random walk-in clinic.

My number is 11.00 per IU/L. I honestly have no idea what this means, but based on what I've googled I think it means I have a borderline or fair grading of egg reserves and the amount of live births is slightly reduced. (Not sure if this differs with my being an egg donor vs. the host) I've also read that each lab measures levels differently depending on which assays were used. I have no idea what an assay is.

I know googling shit when you have no idea what it means is bad, bad, bad. I don't even knows if I will be accepted as a donor or I will needed a higher does of drugs to produce a good supply of eggs. I've been told I am "young" and will have good quality eggs, but I am 28.5 almost 29 which isn't exactly on the young side of things. I hope I can still donate to Mike and Liz it is something I really want to do. I am getting excited for the possibility of a cycle and the outcome of Liz hopefully having a baby.

I emailed Liz my results last night and I haven't heard back from her. I take that as a bad sign as she knows more about IVF than I do having gone through a few cycles herself. I really just want her to have what she wants.

And I have no idea what this means.

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S.I.F. said...

I can't believe the doctor didn't take more time to explain your results to you. :(

And I honestly don't remember what my FSH levels were when I donated. I know they are low now (lower than yours), but I don't know what they were when I donated.

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you friend. I think what you are doing is amazing...