Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Do You Blog?

As a  blogger, I often wonder how bloggers come up with material for their blog posts. Some blogs have a theme which dictates the material being written about. Some blogs are mommy blogs, military spouse blogs, daddy blogs, infertile blogs, cooking/food blogs etc. The list goes on and on.

I don't think I fall into any category per se. I definitely do not consider myself a mommy blogger but I touch on parenting as it's one aspect of my life. I personally started blogging to fill a void. I had recently moved to Victoria, and was lonely in the evenings when Eric was a sea. I divided my time between blogging and watching Scrubs on DVD. A lonely existence for a brief time.

I never made any really  effort to make friends because I went home almost every weekend to see my friends so I still felt that I had an active social life and I was friend's with a girlfriend of one of Eric's friends. I was still happy, but needed to fill a void. So I started a blog.

I have been reading blogs since 2005. Once I started I couldn't stop.

I don't consider myself a great blogger or even a good blogger because I am so inconsistent and random. I like to be random. I think of neat posts all the time, but I usually don't get around to blogging about it because I run out of time.

If I was a better blogger you would know that Eric and I are baby free this weekend. My dad asked/offered to have him for the weekend so we jumped at the chance.

This is are first time home alone for more than a few hours in our home without out him.

It has been very quiet. It's almost the way things used to be before we were parents.

When we were doing the long distance thing before I moved in with him, I'd come over many weekends to his place. He's come to me too. But I preferred to come here as he had his own place and I lived at home. (I paid rent) I'd hop on a ferry on a Friday night or Saturday morning and he'd pick me up.

I took Aaron over to my dad's on Friday and came home Saturday morning. It was just like old times when Eric picked me up at the ferry. I've forgotten what it's like to ride a ferry on my own. What I used to look at as a nuisance is now a pleasurable experience when I make the crossing solo.

I was only in the mainland for a night, but I managed to get some time in with my besties. I have group for three friends and we are like peas and carrots. Every time I am over I try to get time in with them. It doesn't always work out that way and the last time I was over things didn't pan out but things worked out great on Friday night. I wasn't able to sneak away until late as my dad worked late but we went to a local pub and caught up. It reminded me of old times.

It happened to snow Friday night so the pub was oddly quiet. Unlike most Vancouverites, who tend to freak out at the slightest hint of the white stuff, we ventured out.

I cam home yesterday morning and I had to say it was wonderful and beautiful ferry ride complete with a dusting of snow on the Islands, killer whales and a free performance.

I love it when I see killer whales on the ferry. I can say I've only seen them 4 or 5 times and I've been making the trek from Vancouver to Victoria for eight years.

The last time I saw killer whales on the ferry, one was actually breaching out of the water. It was younger one and he was just so full of energy. It was if he knew we were there and wanted to give us a little show.

I also had the pleasure of hearing a duo perform a few songs with guitar and some kind of shaker. I've seen this before and they give a free show and then sell a CD. The ferry is a neat place to showcase talent.

I've had a good relaxing weekend. Eric and I went out to a pub with his co-workers and girlfriends. We go out about once or twice a month with these people. I liked the pub we were at and the atmosphere. I was a great time and we took in some live music before heading to a night club. We weren't in the mood for clubbing but being a birthday and having  good time already we wanted t be good sports and went along.

Tonight we will watch some TV and tomorrow I will fetch Aaron.

Back to the blogging business.

How many hours do you spend a day/week on blogging? Mine will vary. I don't have any set time as I don't have a big readership.

I would like to change that but I don't know how as I don't have a genre here.

I have ideas I'd like to blog about but sometimes they get pushed back.

Do you ever hold back so you don't ruffle the wrong feathers? I normally don't because I am not to
Controversial but if I think a topic will hurt someone I may hold back or not write about it all.

I found one blog post via a link that I want share with you because it made me LMAO. If you want a good laugh, go read this post at Hyperbole and Half. You will be in stitches by the end.

I read this article in our local paper today. It's on polyamorous trio with one woman and two live-in boyfriends. It really is

I want to do a post on polyamory, living in Halifax, roomates, break up and ex's but I never seem to get around to it. I hope to do so. We shall see what I can pump out. For now I am going to go enjoy some TV with the man.


SciFi Dad said...

I typically spend about 15-30 minutes on a post, usually during a lull in my work day or in the early evening once the kids are in bed. As for reading, I spend some time in the mornings and evenings doing that, probably in the 60-90 minute range M-F.

GreenGirl said...

Funny as I am reading on your blog randomly....and I do mean randomly...I have a friend who this year started a polyamorous lifestyle...I had to look it up when she told me what she was doing.