Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interviews and Waxing

So I went for the job interview. I don’t know if it was scam per se, but I think it was a huge waste of my time. I arrived to a bare bones office with 8 or 9 people crammed into it.

I was handed an application form by a “receptionist” who seemed to be doing interviews in between manning the desk. I caught on quickly that you went into one room with the HR lady and answered some questions then given a questionnaire to fill out while waiting to be interviewed by the “receptionist.”

I spoke with my fellow interviewees and asked if anyone else had googled the company name. I spoke up with what I had read. I certainly seemed to ease the tension and nerves of the room.

When I was called in with HR lady, I gave all the answers and but she was evasive to my questions regarding what the job itself was. She asked me to stay for a company orientation to which I declined and told her it would’ve ran into me picking Aaron up. So I said.)

I discussed this with a friend later and she said she has sat through these types of pitches and after the sell on the company goods is when they ask for your money.

I didn’t get the second interview with the receptionist nor did I care. I was offered the chance to come back Monday and I said that I would, but I will call to cancel.

I had better things to do. Like get unwanted body hair removed from my face. The French Canadian in me was really starting to show and if I let it go any longer, I might be mistaken for participating in Movemebr.

I went to get my eyebrows threaded and my upper lip waxed. I got my eyebrows done and was told the waxing room was busy for the next half an hour (I was a walk-in) and said what the hell and had the girl thread my upper lip as well.

Let me tell you there are certain parts of the body that are NOT meant to be threaded and the upper lip is one of them! I know why I get my upper lip waxed and not threaded! OUCH. And this is not the time of the month to be getting body hair ripped out of my body. (A little known fact, that when it’s that time or near that time of the month getting hair removed from your body hurts a hell of a lot more!)

I always got my eyebrows and upper lipped waxed. The five years ago I found myself living in what I like to call Little India in Vancouver. Middle Eastern women get their unwanted body hair threaded. My roommate told me about a place down the block where she went so I went one day to get my upper lip waxed for $3!

I knew it was dirty unsanitary little shop that was more of a barber’s shop which offered threading and waxing. I figured a place so cheap couldn’t mess up the upper lip so I went. The girl who removed my unwanted body hair told me I should get my eyebrows threaded. I was skeptical. I talked to my roommate and she said they did Brazilians for $20! (Any woman who knows anything about that knows it’s a steal)

There was no way in hell I’d let anyone south of the border in such a dirty shop, but was curious about the threading.

So the next time my eyebrows needed grooming I went there to get my eyebrows threaded. I was pleasantly surprised how well they turned out! And how cheap it was!

I stuck to my girl at the little shop in Little India. Even when I moved back home I still made the trek there. I stuck to threading for my eyebrows for the most part with the odd wax job now and then. I once tried getting my upper threaded but it hurt so damn much I’d rather have the wax ripped off in one fell swoop. And I continued to do so, until today.

I think I shall s stick to waxing of my upper lip.

I should probably venture back to the DIY method.


S.I.F. said...

Oh I hate getting my face waxed! I turn so bright red!!

LKP said...

lol, this'll sound outrageous, but i LOVE having my eyebrows waxed! don't know, but it just feels so much cleaner. plus i can't stand tweezing forever in front of a mirror. my wrist gets tired, i get lazy, and things get out of balance, etc. :) i AM going to have to learn more about this threading deal though. i've seen a booth for it in the mall, but know nothing more than that.

my upper lip however, is a different story indeed. i wouldn't do anything BUT wax on that bad boy. i'm so sensitive there. so one fell-swoop with the wax and i'm a happy camper. otherwise i'll bleach it as long as i can get away with it. hee hee.

as for washington, i'm in eastern washington. had some friends that went to school in bellingham, and i've visited NW washington a gajillion times in my life but have never lived there. glad to have you stop by my stop, btw.